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ITBP (Indo-Tibeten Border Police )

ITBP is a multidimensional,mountain trained forced.ITBP was established on Oct 24,1962 under CRPF act, however separate rules were framed in 1994.

Most of the officers and men of this force are trained mountaineers and skiers as they guard the Indian-Chinese border at an altitude of range 9000' to 18500' in the western, middle and eastern sector of border.
ITBP battalions are also deployed on IS/VIP security duties at Chamba-Doba border,Delhi and J&k.


  • Guarding India-China border.
  • Promotion of sense and  security among the local people.
  • Check illegal immigration,trans border smuggling and crimes.
  • Security to banks and protected persons.
  • Restore and preserve order in any area in the event of disturbance.
  • Joining UN piece keeping missions.
Due to the nature of their duty, the ITBP personals also called 'HIMVEERS'.These Himveers not only fight the terrorism but also fight against nature at the heights of 9000' to 18200' and the temperature can range upto -40 degree Celsius.

Motto of ITBP

Shaurya Drindhdta Karamnishta

 Logo of ITBP



ITBP flag

ITBP was the first paramilitary force to receive honor of winning best marching contingent trophy in republic day parade in 1998,1999,2004 and 2011.

ITBP also play important role at the time of natural disasters in the tough terrain of Himalayan region.


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