Thursday, 21 April 2011


Arjun FMBT Tank

Indian army is all set to replace it's T-72 MBT's(Main Battle Tank) with Arjun FMBT(Future Main Battle Tank).The serial production of these upgraded main battle tank will start in 2014. Indian army is willing to place an order of 124 tanks , which will cost them some thing around 5000 crore.

The upgrade version of Arjun main battle tank is the result of more than 90 up gradations in the previous model.

DRDO will carry the first phase trials in June this year.


Modified Features of Arjun FMBT

  • Explosive Armour reactive panel - To prevent top and side attacks from missiles and propelled grenades.
  • New Engine - 1500 Horsepower.
  • Weight - 50 tonnes.
  • Advance air defense gun system - To destroy long range targets and attack helicopters.
  • Panormic sight - For night vision.
  • Automatic Tracking system.
  • Mobile Camouflaging System(MCS) - To help the tank reduce the threat of  interference from all type of sensors and small munitions.
  • Laser Warning control system - DRDO is working on LWCS with the collaboration of Elbit limited of Israel.

FUTURE of Arjun Tank

As Indian Army is all set to place an initial order after the initial trails, DRDO is planning a 2 phase production.

In phase 1 , 45 tanks will roll out with 56 upgrades,including the missile firing capability and commanders panormic sight with night vision.

In phase 2, the remaining 79 tanks ,with all the 93 improvements ,will come off assembly line.

By 2013-2014 ,the first batch of 30 tanks will come out.

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