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Guards Regiment

Guards Regiment

The first all class regiment was raised in August 1949, by grouping the senior most battalions from senior Infantry regiments.The regiment was accorded the senior position in Infantry and takes first rank in the arm.


guards regiment

At present the guards regiment consist of 19 battalions,out of which one is equipped as the Anti-Tank missile battalion,3 are still serving as the Infantry regiments and all other regiments are Mechanised Infantry units.The 3 Infantry units serve as Recce and Support role.

Present Units of Guards Regiment

 MOTTO of Guards Regiment

 Pehla Hmesha Pehla(First Always First)

War Cry of Guards Regiment

Garud Ka Hun Bol Pyare (I am from the Guards, Say O my friend)

Insignia of Guards Regiment

guards regiement logo

Regimental Center of Guards Regiment

Kamptee near Nagpur in Maharashtra.

Awards and Honors  of Guards Regiment

Known for the highest bravery, this unit carry some very proud Soldiers.Decorated by 2 Param Vir Chakras,2 Ashoka Chakras for it's heroism.
4 guards have a unique distinction of having extra junior commissioned officer on it's establishment to carry the Honorary color(The only battalion in whole commonwealth awarded this honour for collective gallantry.


Delhi 1803; Egypt 1876-1917; British East Africa 1878; Afghanistan 1878-80; Kandahar 1880;
Burma 1891 ; China 1900; East Africa 1914-1916; Mesopotamia 1914- 1918, Egypt 1915, Gallipoli 1915,
 France and Flanders 1915, Kutal Amarah 1915; Palestine 1916-1918; Tigris 1916; Macedonia 1918;
Afghanistan 1919; Donbaik 1943; Italy 1943-1945; Burma 1945; J&.K 1947-1948; Selinghar; Carnatic;
Mysore; Ava; Pegu; Suez Canal; Ne\ls, Krithia; Laos; Aden; Point-551; Kanghaw; Naushera; Mangalore;
Hyderabad; Gaza; Megiodo; Nablus; Curais; Seringapatnam; Beurabone; Punjab; Mooltan; Persia; Reshire;
Khooshab; Central India; Basra; Shaiba; Ctesiphon; Defence of Kut-AI-Amarnath; Sidi Barrani; Keren; Cassino;
Castele Hill; Leswarree; Deig; Bharatpore; Khelat; Mahrakpore; Chilianwallah; Goojerat and Punjab.


Akhaura, Burki, Gadra Road, Hilli, Naushera, Gurais, Shingo Rivel Valley, Sylhet and Ganga Sagar.

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