Thursday, 28 April 2011

Inspection of Barrels

 Inspection of Barrels


1.Nicklelling. Appears on the barrel surface-lands.Appears as whitish streaks.

2.Pucker. Looks like nickelling-but look on outside of barrel for dents.

3.Slight Bulge. This gives a shadow-also shadow lines do not run straight down the length of the barrel.

4.Bent Barrel. The shadow lines in the barrel will not be regular for the whole length of the shade.

5.Fissuring. Erosion of the lands at the breech end.

6.Cord Wear. Appear at either end.Due to not pulling through straight during cleaning.

7.Corrosion. Eating away of the surface for rust.

8.Cuts. Look like deep scratches.

9.Rust. Shows as brownish discoloration on the surface.

10.Bell-mouthed. A widening of the barrel at the muzzle end.

11.Erosion. Washing away of the surface of the metal by the fierce heat of the burning gasses.Occurs mainly at the "lead"

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