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Examples of Situation Reaction Test Questions

Examples of Situation Reaction Test Questions

So, You ready ?

These are 15 Questions and you will get only 10 minutes, Set your time and START.

  1. Your Officer passed some urgent orders which seems wrong to you, you will __________ .
  2. You are at a railway station with your old parents, Suddenly it announced that a burning train full of explosives is coming towards Platform, you will ___________________ .
  3. You are going on a tracking trip and allowed to carry 5 items with you, you will carry ___________________ .
  4. You are going to buy medicines for your father, suddenly a bike hit you in a dark empty street, you will ____________________________ .
  5. Your friend need urgent money from you for his fathers operation and you found a Purse full of money along with the ID of owner, You will ___________________________ . 
  6. While watching a Movie he saw fire at a corner, he will _________________________ .
  7. An angel asked him for 3 wishes, he will ask for ________________________ .
  8. His friend was fighting with a old couple at the station, he will ________________________ .
  9. He was a very hardworking employee but still a junior guy with less experience and achievements got the promotion, he will _________________________ .
  10. He lost his Purse on Railway Station far from home town, he will ________________________.
  11. He is not happy with his marriage, he will _____________________________________.
  12. You fall ill before your exams, you will ____________________________________ .
  13. Your captain fall ill and team left with no leader, you will _____________________________.
  14. Your father is seriously ill but you are your leave is not approved, you will ________________________________ .
  15. You want to marry a girl but your parents are not ready, you will __________________________ . 

Please write your answers below for the reviews.


  1. 1)call my officer gently to recheck it.
    2)try to evacuate my parent first & then help people.
    3)food,water,lighter,first aid,knife.
    4)take some rest & then buy medicine.
    5)help my friend
    6)flow some water on fire.
    7)make india most powerfull nation,kill all terrorist,make poor people rich one(tough question).
    8)try to compromise between them
    9)try to effort more
    10)call his parents for help& also take help from police
    12)prepare for my exam.
    13)take responsiblity & lead my team & if any member who is best than me i support him.
    14)make a good deal with my boss.if my nation want me sorry dad please forgive me.
    15)with my parents

    1. 1 follow that orders
      2say my prents to go and i'll help there
      3 map,food,communcation media,light
      4say to biker for help me and sent medicin to my father also
      5call that owner and return his money bt discuss my friend's problem
      6 call security guard
      7understand his friend to do'nt do like this..
      8 meet with boss and asked his -ve points
      11 discuss with parents
      13 asked my captain to make a leader
      12 take proper cure and prepare my xams
      15 again tal k my parents

    2. for 14th one you can call your relatives to attend your father and try to sanctioned your leave...

    3. 14. call to my sister and friends, convey the situation and seek help from them, finishes my work with dedication and later seek leave from my boss with kind request and returns home to take care my father.

  2. ask to team and take the decision

  3. 3 first aid,extra pair of shoes, dryfruits, water,knife

  4. i help to my friends and then called the person, ithink they understand

  5. 1.tell him to revise the orders
    2.take parents to safer place,help olds an children
    3.water,mobile phone,usefull equipments,food,first aid
    4.get up n go to doctor,if possible note the no. my friend,than return back the owner.
    6.if not serious spray co2,inform authorites
    7.swipe curruption,poverty,terrorism
    8.ask my friend to leave the matter hard for promotion.
    10.effort to find,somehow reace your home
    11.find reason,not solved divorse
    12.take medicine and give the exam.
    13.lead them.
    14.sorry my father.
    15.convince them strongly.

  6. Good try divyanand, i hope you recorded your time too.

  7. 1)Follow the orders.
    2)I will make a team of all the young people on station and will take my parents out of the station then i will stop the fire on train.
    3)shoes,mobile,tools,first aid,map.
    4)i will follow the car and note the number then i will go to the doctor and also collect the medicine of my father.
    5)I will return the purse to the owner and then i will help my friend by giving him my money.
    6)I will use fire extinguisher..
    7)Remove poverty,remove corruption,remove terrorism.
    8)I will compromise between them.
    9)I will do my work and give my best.
    10)He will lodge a complaint about his purse.
    11)I will make it work.
    12)I will prepare for exams and i will give my best.
    13)I will lead the team and take all the responsibility.
    14) I will do the work and ask my friend to take care of my father.
    15)I will convince my parents and i will marry that girl.

  8. that officer.frankly tell him my opinion in a polite way
    2.i will form a team of all youngsters then men out of station,call fire engine &we will try to extinguish fire
    3.tin food,water,phone,map,
    4.i will give my money to friend,then inform the owner
    5.extinguish it&inform theatre manager

  9. Hi Anoop

    its for your answer no.2.

    Please try to be a bit more realistic(train is full of explosives ). Abandoning the station safely and helping others is the only option.

  10. 1. will gently put my thoughts in front of the officer
    2. will rescue my parents to nearest hotel(if i am out of home town)and rush back to railway station to be a volunteer
    3. first aid box, water, wireless/mobile,
    4. since it is dark street, i can't see number plate...but i will inform police and inform a friend to bring particular medicines at home...if i am seriously injured, i will call ambulance
    5. will return the purse and shall give my money to friend
    6. if he is watching the movie in a cinema hall, he will use fire box to control it and will immediately tell the cinema hall authorities and if he is watching movie somewhere else, he will call fire brigade and before it reaches he will collect people and try to control fire with water.
    7. prosperity for nation, prosperity for family and prosperity for himself
    8. will try to make them settlement
    9. he will analyse himself and the employee, who got promotion...and then will try to adequate those qualities.
    10. take help of police.
    11. try to understand her wife more.
    12. prepare for exam in bed.
    13. lead the group.
    14. my brothers are there for his help.
    15. will try to convince my parents but if finally they don't agree, i will never go against them.

  11. 1)I will discuss with my crew
    2)I will try to remove all the persons from platform
    3)I will take first aid,mobile,torch,tin food,tools
    4)I will suddenly ran to nearest house for first aid
    5)I will give that money for my friend and after getting that much money i will repay the owner
    6)If the fire is small he will use a fire extinguisher(if there is any)or use water.If it is a great fire he will call a fire extinguisher if he is in house he will remove the gas cylinder from near the fire
    7)World peace,a promotion,good future
    8)He will try to know the problem and make a silent debate
    9)He will hard work for the qualities and experience he doesn't have
    10)He will call the station and tell them about it and identification marks of the purse and ask them to announce the missing through loud speaker
    11)He will try to adjust with his wife
    12)If it is a small ill i will attend the exam,and it is a decease there will be separate exam for me
    13)You will try to make an idea about what to do by joining the crew together and make decision
    14)I have brothers and cousins, i will work and try to achieve more money for treatment
    15)I will obey my parents, i will let my dream go away

  12. 1.Obey the orders but inform him about the matter which seems wrong.
    2.Go to the railway police with my parents, inform them,and engage in rescue operations with them.
    3.water,igniter, multitasking electronic gazzet,knife,dry fruits.
    4.Go for first aid, them buy medicine.
    5.Help my friend and return the money afte some time.
    6.Inform the security team and help them too.
    7.His well being,well prosperous country, world peace.
    8.Take the friend away out of that place.
    9.Identify reasons of other person's success, shortcomings of self and work on it.
    10.Go to railway police, lodge fir and ask them for help.
    11.find out the root cause, if anything doesnt help to save marriage then divorce.
    12.Take medicine and rest and then keep on working again.
    13.lead the group
    14.ask my trustworthy friend or relative to take care of him providing sufficient amount of money and leave.
    15.persuade them

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  14. chiranjeev you are eligible...

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  16. 1.Pass it with immediate reference of the senior
    2.I'll go to railway office and help them to do the needful
    3.Water , lighter , first aid , stored food , and some knife
    4.I'll take help from same person and get the medicine for my father and put complaint for lightening service as well
    5.At that point i'll give the same money and then return the money to the ID person from my a/c
    6.Use the fire extinguisher available and inform at the right place
    7.Sanctification , True human qualities , to be messenger of
    8.He should listen and think about the matter again
    9.He should try to find the fact for his promotion like any special quality he must be having which he should learn
    10.should take help from railway department or make a call to known and resourceful person who can help him out over there.
    11.Try to explore the reason and for solution and take advice from more able person and discuses the same with his partner and then come to the proper decision
    12.Try to revise the concepts
    13.Arrange a new team leader with mutual decision and take advise from the ill captain also .
    14.Make a call or ask for the help from someone who can work like me for my family.
    15.Discuses again and then marry with her

  17. 1. I will make a call to my officer, and will tell him about the problem.
    2. leave the station as quickly as possible, and help the needy people.
    3. Rope, water, food, lighter,and knife.
    4. I will note down number and buy the medicine for my father.
    5. I will return the purse to the owner and help my friend.
    6. I will extinguish the fire.
    7. Healthy life for my family and me, success, money.
    8. I will try to compromise between them.
    9. Work hard for next time.
    10. Announced at the railway station with the help of reception.
    11. Will try to short out the misunderstanding and make good relationship with her wife.
    12. Take medicine and give the exam.
    13. I will lead the team.
    14. Will tell to my elder brother.
    15. I will convince my parents and marry.

    1. you can not note down the number as the biker hit you in the DARK

    2. um you are right ........

    3. but there is light under the tail light which illuminates the no. :)

  18. 1) request him to revise his orders.
    2)help the people to move away from station as soon as possible.
    3)rope, water, medicines, torch and mobile phone
    4)ask someone for help or call my friend
    5)return the purse to the person and help my friend with my money
    6)try to put out the fire immidiately
    7)no more wars, no one should die of diseases, everyone should be happy and helpful
    8)ask the friend to say sorry and help the couple
    9)report it to the manager and seek a reason
    10)call my parents,report it at the police station and find it at the station
    11)try to compromise with her and try to understand her more
    12)take medicines and get well as soon as possible
    13)ask the captain to choose the new leader
    14)if the job is very urgent and for the nation then dad i m sorry but will ask any of my relative to reach him
    15)make them understand the reasons as to why i want to marry her

  19. 1.Call him back to assure that papers are right.
    2.I will take my parents away from platform as far as possible,and then return to help.
    3.water,food,torch,first aid,shoes and clothes.
    4.If I am badly hurt I'll cal the amublance and then call home to tell them what has haapened and also to buy the medicines.
    5.I'll give my friend my own money and return the purse to the owner.
    6.Immediatley call fire brigade and then run to help the people stuck in fire.
    7.nations prosperity,good health and a happy family.
    8.Ask him to stop and apologies and then try to slove the probelm.
    9.Try to know where he went wrong and then overcome those mistakes. the railway police and ask for help.
    11.Discuss it with parents and wife try to sought out the probelm,if could not be solved then divorce.
    12.Take rest for a day or two and then start studying.
    13.Will volunteer to take the lead and go as per the plan if some important decisions are to be made,ill discuss it with the captain and then move further.
    14.I'll stay back till the time i am required and then again apply for leave if granted ill go back home.In the mean time keep check of my father's health through phone.
    15.Try to convince my parents and explain to them that how in various ways she is a best match for me.

  20. 1 immediately contact the officer and consult him

    2 exit the station with parent as quickly as possible

    3 rope matchstick/flintstrike food water knife

    4call my friend on mobile and ask him to buy medicines as well as help myself

    5give the money to friend

    6contact the authority immediately and help putting off the fire

    7power money respect

    8try to know the quarrel and try to solve it easily without severeness

    9complain to authority

    11try to settle the disput and if theres no other choice then divorce

    12still give the exam with illness

    15 try to convince them with heart

  21. 1) will do it
    2) will take my parents away and inform fire service
    3) compass,water bottle,rope,american bucckle,knife
    4) Note down the vehicle No.,purchase medicine and inform police about the accident
    5) Give money to my friend and latter inform the boss.
    6) shout fire fire fire ,press the fire alarm help evacuating the people around fire and try to extinguish with portable fire extinguisher
    7) control population, curb poverty and dowry menance
    8) took his friend away of the spot and latter convinced him not to do so
    9) Congratulate his junior and work harder ffor next time
    10) Asked parrents to deposit some money in bank and took money out from the ATM
    11) he will try to adjust himself with his family
    12) Cure myself and appear next time
    13) Lead the team
    14) tell my relatives to look after,go to duty and come after the leave approved
    15) I ll convince my parrents and get married with the girl.

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  23. 1.) ask him to revise the orders asap.
    2.) try to take as many people as I can to safer place and then imeediately try to contact station master to announce the situation so that all the people can take actions.
    3.) Water, Food, Cell Phone, First Aid, Knife
    4.) first get calm and try to note down bike number and then go to nearby hospital or clinic for treatment and buy medicines for my father and will report FIR against bike driver.
    5.) call the purse owner and will ask him/her to take his purse and will try my level best to help my friend on my own.
    6.) tell everyone about the fire and call up the fire brigade and police also.
    7.) No terrorism, Peace all over world, much less poverty.
    8.) first get the reason why he is fighting and then try to solve the problem.
    9.) keep putting more effort in his work.
    10.)try to search his purse, tell the station master and reach home.
    11.)try to sort out the problem between him and his wife.
    12.)take precautions and medicines and keep preparing for exams.
    13.)lead the team but not as a captain.
    14.)Nation comes first.
    15.)try to convince them and if they are not convinced i will keep convincing them.

  24. hello sir, Good Evening. I would like you to give your views about my answers.

  25. 1.ill try to convince my officer,by telling please recheck.
    2.first ill try to announce this news in the station and then ill rescue my family.
    3.all 5 items.
    4.first aid for myself and take some rest,then ill proceed to medical shop.
    5.first ill give money to my friend,then ill inform to the purse owner about the usage of money,so that he'll be convinced.
    6.alert all the people in theater and then ill try to put off the fire by using fire extinguisher.,give healthy life to my parents and finally for society.
    8.he will try to stop quarrel,by informing or understanding the situation.
    9.continue his hard working,without any attitude.
    10.ask help in station by informing to the officer in station.
    11.try to find the solution.
    12.not bothered,because mine is not last minute studies.
    13.lead the team,with the knowledge gained during the trainings.
    14.try to convince my captain.
    15.try to convince my parents,by telling the advantages of marrying that girl..


  26. 1. will recheck with the officer
    2. try to get my family out of station
    3. first aid,food,water,knife,radio
    4. look for the bike guy or will buy medicines for both me and my father
    5. will try to look the guy around and if not found will help my friend
    6. get out of hall and look for fire extinguisher
    7. food,health,money
    8. will try to compromise them
    9. talk to manager about that and will work hard
    10. will inform the railway police and call parents for help
    11. will try to adjust for some time and if not will get divorce
    12. take medicines and rest for some time and then start studying
    13. take the charge and lead the team
    14. will try to convince boss,if not tell others to take him to hospital
    15. try to convince them

  27. 1)i will gently ask him to re think about.
    2)i will try to evacuate the railway station at the earliest.
    3.rope,medicines,water,shelter,a walky talky to contact
    4.regain the strength reach a nearby chemist/clinic n then buy medicine for dad
    5.i will give money to my friend with a promise that he will return it
    6.empty the theater and call fire brigade if fire is huge
    7.end of corruption,terrorism ,n casteism
    8. he will try to resolve the fight. harder to improve his situation
    10.go to announcement room and will announce about the loss
    11.he will try to put the thing right on the track
    12.i will rest along with preparing for my exam
    13.i will lead the team n if someone more capaable than me is present i will support him.
    14.i will try to convince the authorities
    15.i will try to convince my parents and if they dont agree i will not marry to that girl .

  28. correct answer kya hoga plz do tell me
    which will get me in

  29. 1.I'll kindy ask him for its rechecking and authentication
    2.take them out of danger and also other people present there.
    3 a knife, a long rope, a water bottle, a match box and a map
    4 I'll get myself checked by a doctor and then buy medicines for my father.
    5 return it to the that person might also be in need of that money .
    6 go directly to the sand bags(every theatre has these bags)nd throw it to the fire to stop fire from spreading.
    7 peace in the world, equality in the world, no more wishes
    8 try to sort out the matter
    9 try to work even more harder.
    10 lodge a missing report in a nearest police station as soon as possible
    11sort out all the differences..if that works then everything will be fine
    12 try to give my 100% percent and will not use as an excuse
    13 immediately volunteer myself for any duty whatsoever
    14 wont do it in not in my hands...
    15 marriage is ones personal choice..i''ll try to convince them nd i''ll stick to my decision of marrying that girl even if my parents are against my will

  30. 1. stating my views ask him to reconsider
    2. shift family tosafe place and would volunteer for safety work with others
    3. tracking kit, food & water, 1 pair etra clothes, first aid,mobile& money
    4.will note the no & after chek up retrn home with medicines
    5 arrange for the money fr friend , retrn money with puse to owner
    6quitely infrm the staff and help them to extinguish it
    8. intervene and arrange a compromise.
    9. look for the qualities of the person and .
    and the reason.
    10 try to lodge a complaint and continue his travel
    11 continue and look fr brightr side
    12 take the medicine and go fr exams.
    13. discuss wit othe team member fr a new captain.
    14. arrange local help fr his care and wait fr the sanction.
    15. convince them and will give ooprtunity fr them to undrstnd her bettr

    11continue wd it

  31. 1 tell the officer about my point of view.
    2 get my family out of the railway others who cant run or walk.
    3 a fine pair of shoes,water bottle,canned food,tent, first aid...
    4 try to wake up .in case i couldnt get up.i will tell the biker to buy those medicines for my father.
    5 i will return that purse to the owner then ask him for help.
    6 i will alert all the people and staff members so that we can safe the people
    7 long healthy life to my parents, fulfill my sister's desire,my passion towards army will stay alive till my last breath.
    8 i will calm both the party and try to solve the dispute
    mutually .
    9 i will continue my hard work and try to find out why i didn't get the promotion.
    10 i will go to station office for help.
    11 i will try to communicate with my spouse, try to catch the disputed area and find out the way to stay happy.
    12 i will get lesson from this incident that i should care my health before exams or any important work.
    13 communicate with my captain then lead my team as captain do.
    14 i will call my sister to take care of papa and pray for my papa to get well soon.
    15 i will tell them to met him first then come to the decision.

  32. Your Officer passed some urgent orders which seems wrong to you, you will _follow the orders_________ .
    You are at a railway station with your old parents, Suddenly it announced that a burning train full of explosives is coming towards Platform, you will take my parents away from the platform___________________ .
    You are going on a tracking trip and allowed to carry 5 items with you, you will carry _necessary item used for trekkking__________________ .
    You are going to buy medicines for your father, suddenly a bike hit you in a dark empty street, you will ____________________________ .
    Your friend need urgent money from you for his fathers operation and you found a Purse full of money along with the ID of owner, You will ___________________________ .
    While watching a Movie he saw fire at a corner, he will _________________________ .
    An angel asked him for 3 wishes, he will ask for ________________________ .
    His friend was fighting with a old couple at the station, he will ________________________ .
    He was a very hardworking employee but still a junior guy with less experience and achievements got the promotion, he will _________________________ .
    He lost his Purse on Railway Station far from home town, he will ________________________.
    He is not happy with his marriage, he will _____________________________________.
    You fall ill before your exams, you will ____________________________________ .
    Your captain fall ill and team left with no leader, you will _____________________________.
    Your father is seriously ill but you are your leave is not approved, you will ________________________________ .
    You want to marry a girl but your parents are not ready, you will __________________________ .

  33. hi i am an engineering student doing btech from a reputated engg college. i am suffering form happatitis-b, and few years ago my left eye's corniya get demeged during an accident.

  34. 1. Highly recommend to recheck his orders, but follow anyways
    2. Stay cal, take parents to a safe place, go back and volunteer again.
    3. Water, Food, Lighter, Map, First aid kit.
    4. Take some rest(since hit by a bike), go then to buy medicins.
    5. Return the money to the owner, give him my money instead if i have, else arrange for it.
    6. Stay calm, evict the people safely.
    7. Health, Wisdom and Prosperity
    8. Look into he matter, settle the dispute.
    9. Work harder.
    10. Lodge a missing complaint, Help him.
    11. Go to a counsellor.
    12. Go to doctor, take medicines, try to give exams anyways, else send a note to authorities about my absentee.
    13. Make the second incharge, leader.
    14. Nation, My sisters are there to help him.
    15. Pursue them about her, advocate about her positively, tell them how much she means to you. Since they are my parents, they'll understand.

  35. 1.rewise them and correct them. ambulance,fire fighters& try to get everyone including my old parents.
    4.note the no. ,go to doc&buy medic for father.
    5.he will alert all the people,call ambulance& try to put the fire off.
    6.inform the owner,and give my own money
    7.unity in the nation,all being treated equally& honesty spread evrywhere
    8.he will make his freind calm & settle the despute
    9. do hard work
    10.inform the authorities about the problems
    11.tell his discomfort to his parent& the girl
    12.get the medic,try to write the exam,inform the teachers incharge
    13.give first aid to captain& take up the responsibility till he gets okey the relative and inform the neighbour
    15.convince them, tell them about her

  36. 1.i will call him and make sure that is the order for me ,if yes i will analyze can i say opinion on that
    2.i will clear as much as people along with my parents from platform.and then i will act as volunteer
    3.knife,water,first aid kids,communication devices,lighter
    4.i will make sure i didnt hurt,if i got hurt i will study myself and will go to medical shop if got hurt i will call emergency no
    5.i will assist my friend and call that fellow and i will apologies and i will ask some duration to repay
    6.use fire extinguisher and call fire engine
    7.I want to be army officer,immortal life for my parents,
    8.I will clear my friend from that place & i will try to get pardon behalf of my friend
    9.He should try to find his flaws.No body simply reject anybody's work
    10.he should file a complaint in that local police station by asking help from his friend or relatives
    11.try to understand her spouse ,if he feel this cannot long-lost ,then should go for mutual divorce
    12.try to cure the illness first and then write the exam with assistance of parents or friends (means ask them to recall the subjects)
    13.i will arrange a meeting to elect a provisional leader with the permission of caption
    14.i will ask somebody's help who is friend of mine or relative & i will try to make a mutual conclusion with my higher authority
    15.i will try to convince my parents at any cost

  37. 1. Clarify my doubts with the officer.
    2.Help my parents and all I can along with the voluntary help of others and bring people To safety.
    3.Water, First Aid, fruits , weapon, compass.
    4.Get up if possible, in case of a fracture or not able to Get up at all, call for help through my phone.
    5.Call up the owner of the purse and inform him about his lost purse.Tell him about my friends situation and if he permits me to use his cash, only then use it.
    6.Run to the fire extinguisher and try to put out the fire.
    7. (i) Parents long and healthy life.
    (ii) Heal the world of sickness and pain.
    (iii) Give me wisdom.
    8. hear both the parties(friend and old couple) and come to a solution. then try to make the respective party understand.
    9. try to find out the Cons in himself and the Pros in the junior and improve on his Cons.
    10. Convince himself that a person more needy than himself got the purse.
    11. try to sort things out between him and his partner and find the root cause of the problem.
    12. take medication and answer the exam.
    13. Lead the team by taking guidance from the sick leader.
    14. Pray for my fathers health and meet him as soon as my leave is sanctioned.
    15. Try to convince my parents. If they still dont agree then Accept their decision as they are more experienced and i wouldn't marry without their blessings.

  38. 1 call my officer gently to recheck it.
    2 will move parents and people around me and myself towards the farther end of the platform.
    3 food, water, firstaid, Knief,compass.
    4 will rest for few mins and then buy medicines
    5 Sent the money to the Person whome it belongs.
    6 Immediately inform the people around
    7 become an army officer, Keep my parents happy, Make india clean.
    8 Ask his friend not to fight asks him what the matter is.
    9 Ask the boss where he lagged so that he can he can improve those areas.
    10 File an FIR in nearest police station
    11 he will talk to his wife and will make things better
    12 will prepare for the exams.
    13 if the captain chooses the leader, will support him. Else will lead the team.
    14 Ask my relatives to attend to him till i get my leave sanctioned.
    15 Will talk to my parents and convince them.

  39. Please let me know if any of my replies need correction.

  40. File FIR to railway PS office and ask bank to block all my ATM cards.

  41. 1.) I confirmed it once again with my officer.
    2.) Immediately I dialed 100 and informed fire brigade and station master, took my parents with me dropped them to home and came back to station for helping the authorites there.
    3.)I took rope,torch, knife,bottle,first aid box.
    4.)I noted his bike no and went to buy medicine for my father then after giving him medicine I reported a FIR against him.
    5.)I contacted that person returned him his purse explained hi the whole situation and he agreed to help us by lending the required money for sometime.
    6.)I went to the corner used the fire-extinguisher and extinguishes it.
    7.) I wished for safety of our jawans on boundary, our country and my self worn in Dress of Indian Army
    8.)I went and interrupted them took him away from them....told my freind to say sorry to the couple and inquired from him about the reason.
    9.)I kept on working hard with more entusiasm and as a result I was promoted next year.
    10.)I reported to GRPF, and used their phone , called my parents to block my ATM card.
    11.)I talked to my spouse and we together sorted out our problem.
    12.)As I was prepared , so I kept on paying attention towards my health, I recovered and gave my Examination and secured good marks .
    13.)I took suggestion from the most experienced team-mate and we kept on doing our usual by mutual understanding...meanwhile...we kept an eye over our leader's health by doing proper treatment for him.
    14.)I told my younger brother to shoulder this responsibility and asked one of my freind who was a doctor to take care of my father and send me daily report .....meanwhile I again applied for leave...stating the criticalness of my father.
    15.)I requested my parents to meet her, they met and after that meeting they agreed.

  42. 1. after reconfirm follow the orders.
    2. just help parents and tell all surrounding to this upcoming accident.
    3. tracking eqpt, comunication eqpt, first aid kit, water & light food.
    4. just manage to come up at home
    5. first of all return the purse to owner and collect some money from his friends and help to his friend

    6. tell to all surrounding and call to local police and fire party and manage water for the fire point.
    7. good health, sharp mind and edequate job for all living personnel.
    8. check the reason of fighting and make them understand who found guilty.
    9. keep hard working and ready for next promotion.
    10 ask to borrow some money from persons and convince to return the said amt.
    11. find out the reason and improve in that sector and live their happily marriage life.
    12. try to come out steadfastly from illness and prepare for exam.
    13. lead the team effectively and give the good result.
    14. continuously touch with father on phone and whenever imp work of unit finished, take leave and meet father.
    15. trying to convince parents and trying to know why they are against of her.

  43. 1.reconfirm and tell him my apprehensions.
    2.leave all my luggage and help my parents get as far as possible and then if time left help others.
    3.water,food,first aid kit,swiss knife,gps enabled communication device
    4.give details on phone to police while walking towards home
    5.I will return the purse to owner and arrange money myself.
    6.go out,bring extinguisher and then inform the manager
    7.good health of everyone, critical thinking abilities and protection of society from "evils"
    8.confront him, take him away and apologize to the couple on his behalf to boss about it and want to know reasons why i was not promoted his own station master who will pass the case to respective station master
    11.try to solve the problem
    12.not worry because i prepare well in advance
    13.take the responsibility of the group and tell someone more experienced to do so
    14.appoint a caretaker who will take best care of him
    15.try to know the reasons for dispproval and try to convinve them.

    1. Sir please provide your valuable insights on my replies.
      i have applied for TES 35 and will have SSB in Feb as i have scored 95.33% in PCM 12th 2015

  44. 1. Trust him & obey the order__ .
    2. you will will get dem away from platform & then help ppl
    3. you will carry first aid kit, water, food,camera, Knife.
    4. you will get up ask the same guy for help.
    5. You will return the money to the person & help my friend with my own money. 
    6. he will alert ppl to evauate the theater & help the theatre guy with fire extinguisher.
    7. he will ask for rain, peace, patients
    8. he will try to calm down the friend
    9. he will find out whats going wrong exactly & will work on that.
    10. he will register a complain about it & call home for help.
    11. he will go to the marriage counselor with his wife for solving the problem.
    12. you will go to my family dr. take medicine & go for exam.
    13. you will lead the team & boost the confidence of players.
    14.I'll finish my work early & convince the boss.
    15. you will convince them with all good points until dey r ready. 

    Guys plz Let me know about the answers.

  45. Follow the orders
    Will help my parents and to go to a sager place and also help others
    Knife,tent,sleeping bag,water,match sticks
    Get up and request the order to rode carefully and go to medical store
    Will contact the owner
    Will contact other people and operator about the fire
    Good health, patience, able to help more and more people
    Ask what the matter is and try to resolve the conflict
    Work even harder and try to find the week ness
    Call a frnd for money who lives nearby
    Talk with his spouse about his problem and solve them
    Take medecines and prepare for exam
    Discuss with coach who should act as leader
    Asky brother to attend father and take care of him
    Will try to convince them and ask them why they are not ready

  46. Return it back to the officer to revise it
    Shift my parents to a safe zone and then help others
    Extra pair of shoes; first aid; eatables; tracking stick; wireless phone
    Call "apollo" to deliver medicines at my home and call ambulance for me
    Return the wallet to owner and help friend with my pocket money
    Will put water on it or call the authorities
    A united nation; pollution free; well educated
    Will help them to resolve the dispute
    Hardwork pays;so i will work smartly
    Complaint to the police control room and call some local relatives
    Openly discuss the probems with spouse
    Definitely give the exams by recovering soon
    Will take the charge if there is no volunteer
    Tell my sister to stay with my father and will video call him daily
    Will try to convince them at the utmost


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