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Situation Reaction Test (SRT) in SSB Interview

  Situation Reaction Test

So guys get ready to test your brain again as it's time for Situation Reaction Test. This test is a Part of Psychological Test series in SSB interviews and meant to check the candidate's performance under different circumstances.These questions are designed by DRDO.

situation reaction test

This test will be taken on 2nd day of SSB after Picture Perception Test and Word association Test. In this test you will be given a set of 60 questions,These questions are actually different situations and you will asked to mark your response for each Situation. You will be given a booklet and time limit is only 30 minutes, so a mere half minute for each situation. These questions will tell how a candidate will perform under different situations.

Tips for Situation Reaction Test : -

  1. Be calm and natural, give intelligent and fare reasons for you answers.
  2. Never try to attempt all (you actually can't do this), just try to give your best answers and proper reasons. An average of 40 - 45 questions is good.
  3. Never leave any questions in between as leaving a questions among attempted ones show that you were unable to think upon that situation. 
  4. Always remember that you are a normal human being not Superman. You have limits and think wisely.

Example of Situation Reaction Test :-

here is a little example and i will show you how different answers led to different results:

Question -     Amit is not playing from a Week, because_________ ?

Answer -       1. he doesn't like to play.
              2. He is ill.
              3. His exams are coming.
              4. His friends do not want to play with him.

Now Choose your answer,,, OK, let see what these answers will tell about you, if you choose

answer no.1, than you are not good to become a Officer, Please go back to your place.
answer no.2, good answer, illness make you unable to play.
answer no.3, You like to prepare at the last time only, prepare at the end time only
answer no.4, you know this one,,, time to prepare for next SSB.

Now you give test yourself, Click the link Below to Give the Situation Reaction Test yourself.


  1. He is giving final year exam of BA.

  2. he is preparing for a SCIENCE OYLMPIAD.

  3. he is out of town.

  4. he has 12th exam on that week

  5. sir,by saying that he is ill negative response shows about amit that he fall ill much.

    1. statement does not say that Amit falls ill frequently.

  6. may be he met with some accident due to which he got illness...

  7. he injured during game. he will back after recovery.

  8. His father was admitted in hospital with heart attack and he was with him.

  9. He is watching IPL Matches form 1 week

  10. he is preparing for Upcoming Board Exams.

  11. because he is out of station as he is attending a sports event where team for the upcoming common wealth games is being selected.

  12. Dear Sir,

    According to me the reason should have been he was preparing for exams , because though playing enables you to stay fit and be active but for a student studying hard and proper preparation for examination is his duty and for a person with OLQ's duty is the first priority .

  13. because he was busy in arrangement his sister marriage

  14. His friend was gone in his mom's house

  15. His friend was gone in his mom's house


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