Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Medical Examination Procedure in Service Selection Board(SSB)

After getting recommended in SSB interviews, candidates need to go through Medical Examination Procedure. As a candidate if you are thinking that getting recommended is enough then you need to give it a second thought as medical decides your entry in Indian military.
A medical examination Procedure is held at nearby Military Hospital and continues to 5 days.

Day 1

At Day 1 of Medical Examination, candidates undergo

Urine test - looks for mineral contents in Urine
Blood test - looks for hemoglobin and other essential minerals ratio
Chest X-ray - looks for any irregular or unwanted part
Ultra-Sound Test - looks for better insight of inner organs and problems like Kidney Stones.
Candidates should not eat anything during day 1 testing. 

Day 2

At Day 2 of medical examination, candidates undergo

Eyes Checkup 
here the related doctor looks for any defect that restrict your vision and a test is conducted for checking Night Blindness too. 

Day 3

At Day 3 of medical examination, candidates undergo

ENT test
ENT stands for 'Ear-Nose-Throat', a candidate undergo hearing test and individual checkup. Candidates with DNS surgery are acceptable in Indian military.

Day 4

At Day 4 of medical examination, candidates undergo

Surgical /medical examination
In this examination, experts check 
  • Height and Weight 
  • Blood Pressure
  • Hyper-tension 
  • Reproductive Organs 
  • Anus 

Day 5

At Day 5 of medical examination, candidates undergo

Dental Checkup
Here a expert doctor looks for Jumbled tooth and other features of a healthy mouth. 


  1. is there audiometry test conducted in army medicals???

  2. how do they check anus..? I hav internal hamerrhoids which rarely cause problem... please help

    1. They put finger in ur anus to check for piles.Person checking may be male or female doctor.If female don't laugh when ur balls are her hands


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