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During east Indian company they usually have a Grenadiers unit of some well built men for close combat action during war. They do have a distinction of regiment and always walks on right hand side of Infantry unit during the Parade.


During world war 1, 102 grenadiers served in East Africa, Palestine and Persian gulf area. After their reconstruction after World war 1they were grouped together with 4th Bombay Grenadiers. After the transfer of Punjabi Muslims (Post 1947), the composition became 2:1:! of Ahirs, Jats, Dogras, Gujars and Hindustani Muslims. 

Battle Honous (Post Independence)

Asal Uttar, Jarpal, Chakra

Regimental Center of Grenadiers

Merged with 10/9th Jat regiment, Bareilly 1930, Grenadiers Regimental center formed at Bareilly July 1941, Nasirabad - 1941, Jabalpur 1975

War Memorial of Grenadiers 


Motto of Grenadiers

Sarvada Shaktishali (Always Powerful)

War Cry of Grenadiers

Sarvada Shaktishali

Logo of Grenadiers


Major Awards of Grenadiers

Due to their active and major participation in the war of 1965 and 1971, grenadiers won  2 Param Vir Chakras 

CHM Abdul Hamid


Major Hoshiar Singh


Content and Picture Sources:
Indian Army (by Retd. Lt. Col. Gautum Sharma)

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