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Territorial Army

Territorial Army

territorial army
Territorial Army provides a second line of defense with around 50,000 authorized personals. It was originated after the uprising of 1857, when Britishers feel the need of volunteers Army as second line of defense. In the beginning, it consisted of Europeans and Anglo Indians but after World War 1, it was opened for Indians too. Territorial force took an active part in Both World war 1 and 2.    
Territorial army was raised in 1949 as a Voluntary force which any working personal can chose as a part time affair to serve the nation. They were called only in case of high Internal security or national disasters, in the mean time they use to carry weapon and tactics practices to keep them-self fit and ready. 
Territorial army (TA) is further divided into 2 units - Infantry Units and Departmental units. The latter compromises engineer regiments, ONGC engineer units, IOC engineer units, army supply corps battalions, postal regiments, Waste land development force and general hospital TA battalions. 
The TA battalions has participated in 1962, 1965 and 1971 wars as also with the Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka and won many Gallantry Awards. 

Raising Day of Territorial Army

7th October    

Training in Territorial Army

Infantry Units
  • 4 hours of urban system of training on weekends and holidays
  • Recruit training of 32 days in first year
  • Annual training of 30-60 days
  • Post commission training of 10 weeks
Departmental Units
  • Recruit training of 30 days in first year
  • 30 days of Annual training 
  • 30 days of post commission training
  • Voluntary training   

Pay Scale/Salary and other Allowances of Territorial Army(TA) officers

  • Pay Scale and allowances are same as Indian Army Officers (Pay Scale of Indian army OfficersAllowances of Indian Army Officers).
  • Pension - Only after you complete 20 years of service.
  • A special Increment incase you complete 3-5 annual camps. 
  • Separate Allowances for separate departments like ONGC and IOC.
  • Posting on the station of your own Choice. 

Location of Territorial Army (TA) units

  1. TA Group Headquarters, Southern Command - PUNE
  2. TA Group Headquarters, Eastern Command - Calcutta
  3. TA Group Headquarters, Western Command - Chandimandir
  4. TA Group Headquarters, Central Command - Lucknow
  5. TA Group Headquarters, Northern Command - Udhampur
  6. TA Group Headquarters, South-Western Command - Jaipur


  1. Can MSc passed student (not joined job yet) join Territorial Army.

  2. I am 29 years old, working as a executive director operations in a private company. I have done a 3 years diploma in systems analysis and design from Canada, which is equivalent to btech in india (a lot of my batch mates have taken a equivalent degree form india). i want to join the territorial army, my question is should i do same graduate course from India like Bcom, or will my diploma be enough.

  3. i have passed ba in 2010 but from a open university without 12th can i join this opportunity?

  4. Hello,
    I did diploma in civil engg. After this, I start to work in a MNC as an Engineer.
    As well as I have done AMICE (Equivalent to degree) from institution of Civil Engineers India.
    Now,I wants to Join to TA.
    I wants to ask that what is the selection procedure in TA? Do they have any exams or interview?
    Can you Please Brief me about the selection procedure?

    Thanks & Regards
    Arun Panwar

  5. i am instrumentation engg........ but now i am unemployed can i apply for territorial army

    1. no u cant u need job income source to join T.A.

  6. Hello

    I am Abhinash kumar. I am employed in private sector company named Maersk line.
    Could you please confirm me. While filling up form for T.A. we need to post
    NOC same time or we need to sumbit our NOC once PIB is cleard??
    email id-
    cont. no. 902136433

  7. Hello There,


    I am Karthik.M. I am employed in a Pvt organization, i am willing to join TA, but i have a doubt so hence i am putting my question here. I have a Tattoo on my arm will i be eligible for the entrance in TA.

    Please provide me with the details.

    Thank you

    1. No Tattoos are not allowed

  8. Hello!!!!
    Just wanted to know whether TA officers get any monthly salary???

  9. Respected Sir,

    I am Debjit Bera, 40yrs a professional music director and a documentary film maker from Kolkata. I am very much eager to join the Territorial Army in service to the nation and humanity. Please inform me the next recruitment date. Shall I follow the procedure mentioned above or is there any change this year?

    Thank u

  10. dear sir, i want to know the the exam dates of TA IN 2014

  11. I am working in a company on contractual basis. so m i eligible for TA. If yes, from whom i need to be taken NOC .

  12. What is CTC after joining TA?

  13. Sir,
    I(Akshay Sharma) am a Graduate as well as a CA final student currently undergoing in a training period.
    I want to join Indian Army but i have one question and it is like
    I am having a height of 5'7 and i am having specks with power -1.25.
    (Is this a loophole for not getting selected in Indian Army)
    I mean if it's like that then what post do u suppose to be the best for me if i apply in Indian Army.

    Thanks And Rega rds-

    Aksh ay Sharma

  14. Sir,

    If term of service is 2 months per year....does the TA officer get salary only for 2 months or full time salary, since remaining 10 months he will be working in his private profession.

  15. I am a doing my CA articleship from a Partnership Firm Can i join T.A


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